Aaron Dillon is a Cork-Based Songwriter and performer.  Originally from Drogheda he has performed to packed houses in The Triskel,The Everyman Palace Theatre and The Opera House.  In 2005 Aaron spent the summer touring Italy and received rave reviews from the Italian music press.  On returning home he has supported many established artists such as Iron & wine, Joan Armatrading, Mick Flannery and former members of venerated Irish folk legends Planxty.  He has also performed as a guest vocalist (Take it on the chin) and as Harmonica player (In the gutter) on Mick Flannery’s debut album “Evening Train”.  Having lived, worked and performed in as far off places as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Tanzania, Denmark, The US and Australia helped hone Aaron’s unique delivery and stagecraft.

“Each perfectly executed song hits home like a dart”

The Evening Echo

“As suggested by the title, he’s not afraid to nail hypocrisy and cant. Brown Envelope is a revelation..offering the sort of profoundly arresting insights we thought died with… Guthrie & Dylan”

The Evening Echo

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